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As the representative office in Canada of the Ministry of Economy, we have been operatingsince the beginning of the NAFTA negotiations. Over the course of our office's history, it has evolved and diversified, not only providing clientele with information in order to gain insights on the NAFTA. We also actively participate in NAFTA committees, NAFTA working groups and meetings related to complementary agreements such as environmental and labor issues.

Furthermore,we also focus on analyzing and providing information regarding Mexico-Canada trade, Mexico's overall trade performance, its free trade agreements and the latest trade negotiations. Likewise, we assist in organizing and developing trade relations between Mexico and Canada through trade promotion activities.

For a foreign investor, we can answer some important questions that frequently arise when an entrepreneur attempts to invest in Mexico and provide them with relevant information in order to do business in Mexico.

Likewise, Mexican exporters and Canadian importers we can supply information on government export programs, Mexican manufacturer contacts, import regulations in Canada and trade statistic.

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